Texas Johnny Brown & His Blues Rockers - Atlantic 876 (1949)

Gotta call yesterday from my "record store guy" who just came into about 300-400 78s. Made a rare mid-week jaunt and snagged 'em all. They are mainly black big band/swing and post war jazz (many labels I have never seen except online) with just a smattering of earlier stuff. They all came from a meticulous collector as each disc had a typed artist/song tab adhered to the edge of each sleeve.

When I got home, I flipped more thoroughly through just one box and found this one from 1949 that was a bit out of place as far as genres included. I grew up listening to Atlantic records, The Drifters, Clovers, Ruth Brown...the usual. I had never heard of this one. Apparently he is still active around the Houston area.

EDIT: It was just a few months after originally posting this that Texas Johnny Brown passed away at 85 in July of 2013.

Recorded on April 6, 1949.


  1. Was that Dodo Marmarosa record you have at the top of your page part of the haul? He was a great bebop pianist, would love to see that one posted. Thanks! PS I recently ran across a Slim Gaillard on Atomic, it was a a similar label but a fiery orange/red color.

  2. Yes, it was part of that batch...in fact there were two of them. I had seen the red one before that you mentioned but only on the web.

    I'll post the Dodo as soon as I locate it again in the stack.


  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with Texas Johnny Brown, hoping he will get well soon, and give many more great shows.......God Bless him and his talent.

    Alan Leach and Valeria Larison
    Houston Texas

    Thanks so mmuch for loading this find up, onto the internet, it's GREAT to hear!! What a gem.