Gene Austin With Les Paul - Universal U-100 (1948?)

Found this one yesterday in the garage. No doubt I had collected it more for Les Paul than Gene Austin...but to tell the truth...after playing it for the first time, I do like Austin's vocals. (Of course I still love Les Paul's guitar work.)

Not sure when this was recorded...did find a blurb in a 1948 Billboard magazine stating how Universal purchased 30 masters recorded by Austin & Paul...doesn't say who they purchased them from though.

Also, Keep A Knockin' is the first 78 side that I can recall that has the music fade out rather than the song just ending.



  1. I pulled this record off the shelf today for the first time in years. Was curious about the date, too. Les said he had a ton of sides he'd done with Austin, and only a handful ever came out. Thank you for this!

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog. It feels good to know that a celebrity with a Nash has surfed my site!