New Orleans Jazz Band / Six Black Diamonds - Banner 1318 (1924)

Due to the recent weather, there hasn't been a new post in several days. The hurricane decided to skirt us and take aim at Louisiana. Although New Orleans wasn't a direct hit...the storm decided to stop moving and just dump rain...25 inches. For a city built below sea level and shaped like a bowl, that's not good.

Here's a little Tin Roof Blues that the New York based New Orleans Jazz Band (their first side) recorded on Banner less than a year after the New Orleans Rhythm Kings first waxed the tune on Gennett.

New Orleans Jazz Band: Harry Gluck t / Mike Martini tb / Sidney Arodin cl / Wilder Chase p / Tommy de Rose d.

Recorded in New York on February 12, 1924.

Six Black Daimonds: Harry Gluck or Phil Napoleon t / Miff Mole tb / Ken 'Goof' Moyer cl, as effects / p / bj / d.

Recorded in new York on February 14, 1924.

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  1. Thanks Heypally ... here's an article with information on Harry Gluck.