The Orchestra / Trio Featuring Eddie Heywood - 12" Signature Album R-101 (1944)

Got this set off of eBay over ten years ago. The person's starting price was ridiculously low and I ended up being the only bidder. When the set arrived, there was a rather rude note attached basically saying that I stole it and should be ashamed. (??)

(I got it because I am in awe of anything Hodges)

The Orchestra Featuring Eddie Heywood: Ray Nance t, vn / Aaron Sachs cl / Don Byas ts / Eddie Heywood p / John Simmons b / Shelly Manne d.

Recorded in New York on May 2, 1944.

The Trio Featuring Eddie Heywood:Eddie Heywood p / Johnny Hodges as / Shelly Manne d. Recorded in new York on May 26, 1944.

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  1. Not only Hodges but magic Ray Nance violin! Thanks, it worth much more than just to be ashamed.