Art Hickman's Orchestra (Earl Burtnett, Director) / Vincent Rose & His Montmartre Orchestra - Victor 19379 (1924)

Earl Burtnett joined Art Hickman's touring band in 1918. He took over the orchestra upon Hickman's retirement in 1929. His orchestra appeared in two films, The Flying Fool (1929) and The Party Girl (1930).

Burtnett underwent an appendectomy on Christmas Eve 1935, developed complications and died on January 2, 1936.

Art Hickman's Orchestra: (Known personnel) Earl Burtnett dir, p / Roy Fox c.

Recorded in Oakland, CA on June 13, 1924.

Vincent Rose was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1880. He became popular with his Montmartre Orchestra in the 20s and also from being a prolific songwriter. Among his most notable tunes are Linger Awhile, Whispering, Avalon and Blueberry Hill.

Vincent Rose p, dir / Harry Owens t / Buster Johnson tb / "Prof" Moore or Bobby "Buddy" Burns cl, as, ts / Jackie Taylor vn / Bob Stowell bj / Albert Jaeger bb / J.M. Cott d.

Recorded in Oakland, CA on June 9, 1924.

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