Benny Goodman Trio - Victor 26139 (1938)

Apparently the Trio is a quartet.

Benny Goodman Trio: Benny Goodman cl, Teddy Wilson p / John Kirby sb / Lionel Hampton d.

Recorded in New York on December 29, 1938.


  1. Not sure if you are getting this comment, but I have been paralyzed with listening devotion to the Teddy Wilson Centennial Tribute, a four day non stop marathon of all that there is to Teddy Wilson's playing career, on radio station WKCR FM at 89.9 FM. It is the most grand listening especially his small group sessions and work with Holiday. Heard this particular track on your website and can't seem to locate it for downloading or on any compilation. Can you help?

  2. Thanks for alerting me to the Teddy Wilson Centennial...I've got it playing now. (

    Besides my post above, the track can be found on Spotify (for free) here... (will require a download unless you already have it on your computer)

    It can also be found on Benny Goodman's "The Complete RCA Victor Small Group Recordings" for download at (It's track 20 on Disc 3...take 2...I wonder why it's only .69 cents compared to most of the others at .99 cents)

    Hope these help!