Jimmie Gunn & His Orchestra - Bluebird 6578 (1936)

Just acquired one more side by Jimmie Gunn & His Orchestra, a North Carolina territory band based out of Charlotte. (Here are 2 more) Got three more to find.

This side, like all six of their recordings, were recorded in the Southern Radio Corporation's 2nd floor warehouse in Charlotte on June 18, 1936.

As before, I am listing both personnel listings that I have run across.

Jimmie Gunn p, dir / 'Slats' tb / Skeets Tolbert as / Otis Hicks ts / g / Harry Prather b / d / David Pugh, Sam Jennings v.


Jimmie Gunn dir / Dave Pugh t, v / Charles Daniels, Herman Franklin t / John Orange tb / Robert Griffin, James Berry as / Otis Hicks ts / William Shavers p / Alton Harrington  g / Sam Hinton bb / Harry Prather sh / Raymond Mason d / Sam Jennings v.

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