Locke Brothers Rhythm Orchestra - Bluebird 6297 (1936)

Being a fan and a newly focused collector of North Carolina themed 78s, I readily and recently accepted a record trade...my first and only to date.

Besides a Charlotte based territory band 78 led by Jimmie Gunn, I also procured this Locke Brothers Rhythm Orchestra Bluebird...which was recorded in Charlotte on February 15, 1936.

Unfortunately, whether through discographical publications or the internet, there seems to be no information whatsoever on this band.

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  1. nice 78, i own this one as well, i will soon be posting my 78's - just have to figure my method before i start up. when you play this 78 (esp unfiltered) you hear a HUGE room - it's stunning how good some middle 1930's 78's sound like. love the lyrics about the 5 dollar bill - and the rough trombone and alto sax ... fascinating music that should have been reissued on the IAJRC tarheel jazz project (they had the wonderful Jimmy Gunn and the fine Frankie And Johnny band, but focused IMHO too much on swing bands on the last half of that CD - this world have worked better w Gun and the F and J Orch (and how about the Dixieland Swingers, another good territory combo from the area) ...