Deryck Sampson - 12-inch Beacon 2 (1943)

Almost 20 years ago while living in SoCal...I frequented a record shop in the antique district of downtown Pomona. Although the owner specialized in the usual rock & roll LP & 45 fare, he did have 78s and 10" jazz LPs.

One visit found me with a dilemma. He had just been given boxes and boxes (about 100) of 12" classical sets. A recently widowed lady had dropped her husband's collection off even though the shop owner said he didn't want them. I walked in and saw the collection of almost untouched wax and walked out with my trunk bottoming out going over the smallest bumps in the road.

I couldn't bear the thought of these records headed for the dumpster even though I didn't care for this music nor did I have room for them as I was preparing for a cross country move within the year.

I packed them up and they followed me through several moves since and finally, after almost 20 years, opened them to see what I had...plenty of Beethoven, Mozart and all those other long haired composers...and tucked in one of the sleeves of a partial set...a 17 year old Deryck Sampson soloing on a couple of 1943 boogie woogie pieces. I haven't been able to find out much about him other than he was born in 1926 (and that site didn't know if he was still living or not).

A 1943 Billboard magazine had a blurb about a virtually unknown 17 year old lad playing some inspired boogie woogie. Another tidbit of information came from the biography of the 1940s blues singer Billie Hayes. It said that the interest sparked by the recent re-release of her work was due more to her accompanist, the "brilliant pianist Deryck Sampson."

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  1. Thx for posting! This is the first piece of information I have found on the web on Deryck Sampson.