Sippie Wallace With King Oliver & Hersal Thomas - Okeh 8205 (1925)

Here we have Sippie Wallace (real name Beulah Thomas) accompanied by Joe King Oliver on cornet and her child prodigy little brother, Hersal Thomas, on piano.

Just read a bit about Hersal...born in Texas as part of a musical family (Sippie & George W. Thomas - siblings...Hociel Thomas - niece), recorded with Louis Armstrong & King Oliver, was acknowledged by Albert Ammons & Meade Lux Lewis as a major influence on the boogie woogie style of piano, composed many songs...all before the untimely death at 16 or 17 from food poisoning in Detroit.

Recorded in Chicago on February 24, 1925. (Rough starts but does settle down a bit)

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