Ellington Small Groups On Vocalion

Had a recent comment requesting Ellington's small groups.

Here ya go Sam.


  1. Great wax. Allways like this kind of music, Especially rare Tizol solos. Thanks.

  2. Your welcome.

    I've got a Juan Tizol led group on Keynote somewhere but I don't believe there are any other Ellington sidemen on the record. I believe it was recorded during one of the several breaks Tizol took from Ellington.

  3. There is't steady discography for these 4 Tizol keynote sides. Some sources said that there was Dodo Marmarosa and Corky Corocan or Babe Russin and Arnold Ross and both versions are valid. I know many peoples who did't like jazz or even, or just don't know about it, but overwhelming majority from them can recognize his eternal Caravan.