Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy - Decca 3282 (1940)

I don't have any Andy Kirk Brunswicks but I do have a handful of his Deccas.

I just cleared out all of the 78s that were on the living room floor to make room for the Christmas tree and came across a stack of yet-to-be-cleaned-and-indexed blue Deccas. Might post a few more in a row before moving on to something else. Stay tuned.

Andy Kirk bsx, dir / Harry Lawson, Clarence Trice, Harold Baker t / Ted Donelly, Fred Robinson tb / John Harrington, cl, as, bar / Edward Inge cl, ts / Rudy Powell cl, as / Dick Wilson ts / Claude Williams vn / Mary Lou Williams p, a / Floyd Smith g, elg / Booker Collins sb / Ben Thigpen d / Les Johnakins a / June Richmond v.

Recorded in New York on June 25, 1940.

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