78s...To Play Or To Display...A Conundrum Solved

For far too long, I treated my 78s more as historical artifacts to look at and enjoy rather than something to play…and enjoy.

Besides collecting 78s, I also collected cd compilations of the same artists (Chronological, Neatwork, Jazz Oracle, Archives of Jazz, etc.) so I didn’t have the need to play the records when I had better sounding examples elsewhere. Just knowing I had an original was all that mattered…until…

Even though I finally saved up enough to buy a decent modern 78 turntable and a few specialized components to play through a new receiver, I still only played shellac to check sound quality for very few auction consignments…until…

About a year ago, I listed an old-time record on eBay. It was part of a batch found at a local store and they proved a great find. Although this particular record didn’t go for big bucks…it was the start of a great friendship between the buyer and myself.

Before this transaction, I knew of absolutely no one with the same passion for wax as me. Oh, of course I knew NAMES of people through videos, YouTube, internet articles and websites…but no one to interact with.

Through this new friendship, I began digging through my boxes with new fervor, checking out personnel, sorting a little better and yes…playing the darn things for pure enjoyment. Yes, I still have the cds on the shelf but the paradigm shift had already occurred…78s for the music and cds mainly for the history and reference found in the liner notes. (Don't get me wrong...I do play cds for the COUNTLESS sides I do not have...I'm not Joe Bussard for goodness sake.)  

In part, this is also how this blog came to be. It started out to be literary and not audiocentric...I had no idea how to post tunes...but that changed in due time.

I do have the ability to see which posts and pages garner the most hits and for some reason…which stumps me…the post with the most all-time views is Ukulele Ike (Jiminy Cricket)...really?

Oh well, I’ll keep posting as I dig them out…all the while letting my conscience be my guide.

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