Lavinia Turner & Jas. P. Johnson's Harmony Seven - Actuelle 020627 (1921)

Here we have the first two of six sides that Lavinia Turner recorded with James P. Johnson between September and November of 1921.

None of my books or a quick internet search turned up any known personnel listings.

Recorded in New York on September 2, 1921.


  1. Nice record. If June Clark is involved on trumpet (as some suspect), he sounds completely different from his later (1925-7) utterances. The half chorus of JPJ piano on "Daddy" is by far the high point of both sides.

    -Brad Kay

  2. Mr. Kay...thanks for the comment. I really do admire those of you that can identify...or rule out...players by ear.

  3. The Following month James P Johnson's Harmony Eight accompany Trixie Smith in New York recording "You missed a good Women when you picked all over me" and "Long Lost Weary Blues". The only member lised is Walter Watkins-ts with a ?