Eddie Lang - Joe Venuti With Their Orchestra - Decca F-5884 (1931)

Here is the second of two Venuti-Lang 78s I have...the other one was posted here.

What a great lineup...Charlie Teagarden t / Jack Teagarden tb, v / Benny Goodman cl / Joe Venuti vn / Frank Signorelli p / Eddie Lang g / Ward Lay sb / Neil Marshall d.

Recorded in New York on October 22, 1931.

(The wax here has seen better days but the music is still there)


  1. What a nice Beethoven decca. Maybe you have any more? there should be many gems, especially Shearing - Grappelly wartime hot combinations and Dick Robertson orchestra, along with many more US and England material.

  2. Sam...I have a handful of that label (both red & blue) with artists such as Bing Crosby with Connie Boswell, Bing alone, Johnny Denis & His Novelty Swing Quartet, Charlie Kunz and Ambrose & His Orchestra.

    No hot jazz...yet.

  3. I think this may be like that, unfortunately early Shearing items did not repressed in US.

    One day i see it on ebay.


    Please post any Ambrose or Jack Hylton.