Is It Live Or Is It Memorex? Neither...It's Ella On Scroll Victor! (1936)

Story has it that Benny Goodman brought in a teenaged Ella Fitzgerald to fill in for an ill Helen Ward on three vocals.

After the sides had been cut, the records hit the store shelves. But, even though Ella's name was not printed on the label, Decca, with whom she had a contract, threatened to sue Victor.

After a very short time available to the public, the records were recalled and reissued with another singer, Francis Hunt (Goodnight My Love), or deleted from the catalog all together.

I've read from those that say these sides are rare and others that say that they're not as rare as people might think. I'm not sure who is more accurate. Would anyone care to chime in?

Personnel: Benny Goodman cl, dir / Gordon Griffin, Zeke Zarchy, Ziggy Elman t / Red Ballard, Murray McEachern tb / Hymie Schertzer, Bill DePew as / Arthur Rollini, Vido Musso ts / Jess Stacy p / Allan Reuss g / Harry Goodman sb / Gene Krupa d / Ella Fitzgerald v.

Recorded on November 5, 1936 in New York.


  1. I don't know how rare they are.
    I have both 25461 records that were
    issued the pulled one the other one that remained available. Odd thing no one mentions 25469 which has t'aint no use b/w did you mean it?
    So 2 records were pulled 25461 and
    25469. We know about the replacement for 25469. What about 25469?
    Thoughts to ponder...

  2. That last comment about the benny goodman records was published prematurely the last2 sentences should have read "we about the replacement for 25461. What about 25469?