Rafael Hernandes Y Su Orquesta Del Grillon - Victor 75248 (1936)

Unfortunately, Victor's ledgers have been lost so the recording date and personnel are either estimates.

May have been recorded in Mexico City in March of 1936.

The Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, FL) 
Mar 11, 1934

The Montgomery (AL) Advertiser
May 5, 1940


  1. The Bamba song I like very much while their he did a few movies and recorded 4 or 5 songs and dedicated both songs to the people of Mexico for how well he was treated and left the biggest impression on the Mexican people who loved him till his death in 1965

  2. In the lyrics about the mule there was a line missing because of another performer by the name of canario took the unfinished song sheet and kept it for a while until Rafael hernandez got it back and finished it canariro would later record the song with his own band