A. Mesa y S. Ithier R. Hernández (Trío Borinquen) - Columbia 2728-X (1927)

Rafael Hernández formed Trío Borinquen in 1925 and recorded 121 songs by the time they disbanded in 1931.

Antonio Mesa (Dominican) tenor v / Salvador Ithier (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico) 2nd guitar, v / Rafael Hernández (Aguadillo, Puerto Rico) lead guitar.

Recorded in New York, 1927.


  1. I used to have this till my dad erased it and I'll never get another copy again this in my opinion was one of there big hits in the late 20s I still have a reel to reel of all there biggest hits this was one of my favorite songs

  2. According to his sister Victoria hernandez her brother started the trio back in 1925 and was strong till 1929 or 1930 then he named his other quartet Victoria after his sister that he loved very much and took care of her she helped him a lot in his career