Connie McLean & His Rhythm Orchestra - Bluebird 6485 (1936)

Please share any biographical information about this group if you have it...I'm coming up empty.

They appear to have recorded six sides each for Decca and Bluebird over the span of a few months in 1936.

Connie McLean cl, ss, as, dir / Chubby Wright t, v / Ray Durant p / Ludvick Brown g, v / Alfred Hill sb / Alex Miller d.

Recorded in New York on July 7, 1936.

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  1. Chubby Wright (tp,vcl) poss Connie McLean (cl,as,vcl) Ray Durant (p) Ludovic Brown (g) Alfred Hill (b) Alex Miller (d,vcl)

    the following are available as mp3

    61067-A When the breath bids the body goodbye ( vcl) De 7189
    61068-A Sissy man blues (cml vcl)(*) 7176, Stash ST106
    61069-A I can't use that thing (cm vcl) 7175
    61070-A You done lost your good thing now (cml vcl) 7189
    61071-A Rockin' my troubles 7175
    61072-A Shylock blues (*) 7176

    the following are available only on 78
    Connie McLean And His Rhythm Orchestra : same pers.
    New York, July 7, 1936
    102343-1 High falutin' stomp (am vcl) BB B6482
    102344-1 All I want in this world is you (am,cw vcl) -
    102345-1 How can you face me ? (cw vcl) B6485
    102346-1 Without a shadow of doubt (am vcl) B6474
    102347-1 Sing, sing, sing (am vcl) -
    102348-1 Breeze, Ray, breeze (lb vcl) B6485

    And that I believe is all that he recorded.