Minnie Wallace - Victor 38547 (1929)

Needing to go for a drive this afternoon to clear my head, I aimed for Alabama's Gulf Coast and of course had to stop here and there looking for records.

Came across one place that had a room full of "dollar records" and promptly started digging. Came away with a Hank on MGM, a handful of Jimmie Rodgers, a few nondescript country sides and some Japanese pressed stuff.

But it was the name I didn't recognize that had me cautiously optimistic. Although I didn't know of the artist, I knew enough to snatch a Victor 38000...especially a high numbered one...AND for a buck to boot. (In contrast, the Hank set me back $5...so much for honoring the dollar room.)

After several hours, I've just gotten home, done a little internet research, cleaned the record and transferred the audio...revealing a pleasant surprise.

Here's Minnie Wallace accompanied by the Memphis Jug Band.

Minnie Wallace v / Will Shade harmonica / Milton Robie vn / Ben Ramey kazoo (side-A) / Jab Jones jug / Charlie Burse g.

Recorded in Memphis on September 23, 1929.

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