Savoy Bearcats - Victor 20182 (1926)

Here are the Savoy Bearcats' first released sides. A previous recording session two weeks earlier, which included Leon Abbey on violin, resulted in two unissued tracks.

Would sure like to come across pianist, Joe Steele's Victor 78.

From wikipedia...

The Savoy Bearcats were an eleven-piece jazz band, led by Leon Abbey, which was the house band at the Savoy Ballroom in New York City from its opening in 1926 to 1928. The band's name was changed from the Charleston Bearcats while they were at the Savoy. After leaving the Savoy they became known as Leon Abbey's Band.

Tiny Bradshaw had passed through this outfit as drummer.

Duncan Mayers dir / Gilbert Paris, Demas Dean t / James Reevy tb / Carmelo Jari (Jejo) cl, as, bar / Otto Mikell cl, as / Ramon Hernandez cl, ts / Joe Steele p / Freddy White bj, g / Harry Edwards bb / Willie Lynch d.

Recorded in New York on August 23, 1926.

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