Bob Pope & His Orchestra - Bluebird 6471 (1936)

Here is Bob Pope's HOT North Carolina territory band that recorded a scant few times, but thankfully they were mostly marathon sessions, resulting in over 35 released sides.

From what I've researched, there are no cd compilations of this deserving band. This should definitely be remedied.

Rust has the entire band unidentified other than vocalists and Pope himself but drummer, Johnny Blowers' autobiography Back Beats and Rim Shots: The Johnny Blowers Story, solves the mystery on page 19.

Would anyone, who happens to stumble upon this post, have any information they could share regarding sax man, Sonny Thorpe? It would be gratefully appreciated.

Bob Pope ldr, t / Howard Gaffney, Tommy Hatcher t / Howard Gibeling tb / Sonny Thorpe, Vic Christenson as / J.V. Johnson, Nolan Canova ts / Mac McGowan p / Fowler Hays sb / Johnny Blowers d.

Recorded in Charlotte on June 21, 1936.

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