Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra - Columbia 636 (1926)

These are from Oscar "Papa" Celestin's first recording session for Columbia...second session overall (3 sides were recorded for Okeh a year earlier).

According to the liner notes from the wonderful Oscar "Papa" Celestin / Sam Morgan cd set by Jazz Oracle, during the 1920s, there were only 35 sides recorded in New Orleans by black bands (94 by white outfits). The cd boasts 25 of those sides with Celestin responsible for 17 and Morgan for the rest. Wonder who the other 12 belong to.

Oscar Celestin c, dir / August Rousseau tb / Paul Barnes cl, as / Earl Pierson ts / Jeanette Salvant p / John Marrero bj / Abby Foster d / Charles Gillis v (Josephine).

Recorded in New Orleans on April 13, 1926.


  1. The 12 more in question - Off the top of my head - Louis Dumaine, Lee Collins, Fate Marable and Piron.