Tiny Parham & His Musicians (Originally Victor 38041 - 1929) / Boots & His Buddies - Bluebird 7005 (1937)

Tiny Parham p, cel, dir / Roy Hobson c / Charles Lawson tb / Charles Johnson cl, as / Mike McKendrick bj / Elliott Washington vn / Quinn Wilson bb / Ernie Marrero d, wb.

Recorded in Chicago on February 2, 1929.

Boots Douglas d, dir / C.H. Chubby Jones, Percy Bush, L.D. Harris t / George Corley tb / Alva Brooks. Arthur Hampton as / Baker Millian ts / Herbert Goodwin p / Jeff Thomas g / Walter McHenry sb.

Recorded in San Antonio, TX on February 27, 1937.

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  1. I never heard a Tiny Parham record I didn't like! Kind of strange pairing it with Boots & His Buddies but it's not a bad side either although it sounds to me like they're really playing the song "Angry" and just gave it a different name. Thank you!