Bram Martin & His Band (Vocal By Al Bowlly) - Rex 9590 (1939)

Recently came into a large batch of R&B 78s and sorely outta place was this one. I didn't pay much attention to it until later that evening, when flipping it over, I saw Al Bowlly's name in parentheses.

While more of a fan of instrumentals from the shellac era, an appreciation for Bowlly's vocals has recently set in.

Checking the online Bowlly discography, this does appear to be his only side with bandleader Bram Martin.

Recorded in London on June 8, 1939.


  1. my father used to play trombone with Bram martin

  2. As you seem to be a bit of a knowledgable sort do you have any 78 records of Billy merrin and his commanders because my father played trombone with him as well as Bram Martin and I am only able to trace his early life through his music> Any information would be gratefully received.

  3. Thanks for the comment...I really enjoy seeing them written by people with familial connections to the records and music.

    Unfortunately, most of my knowledge comes from internet searches and a few volumes of discographies. I don't remember running across any Billy Merrin records in my collection but that doesn't mean I don't have any...rather that I'm just not familiar with the name enough to recall. I will definitely be on the look out next time I go rummaging through the garage.

    Keep checking back as there isn't much rhyme or reason to what I post and you never know what will pop up next.


  4. Do You Have "Ten Pretty Girls" and "Night Over Shanghai" by Bram Martin on Regal Zonophone ?

    1. The titles you are interested in are on this video

  5. I doubt I have any other 78s by Bram Martin. The only reason I had the one above is because of Al Bowlly.