Eddie Boyd - Chess 1561 (1953) / Willie Mabon - Chess 1580 (1954)

Ever had an unexpected box with 2 Chess 78s show up in the mail with a note from the sender saying, "Enjoy!"?

I have...now. Enjoy!

Eddie Boyd was born on Stovall Plantation near Clarksville, Mississippi just a year after McKinley Morganfield was born in the same place.

Eddie Boyd v, p / Purcell Brockenburgh ts / Ellis Hunter g / Alfred Elkins b / Percy Walker d.

Recorded in Chicago on November 9, 1953.

Willie Mabon v, p / Paul King t / Goon Gardner as, bs / Herbert Robinson ts / Bill Anderson b / Odie Payne d.

Recorded in Chicago in October 1954.

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