Troy Floyd & His Plaza Hotel Orchestra - Okeh 8571 (1928)

Here we have the first of two records made by the Texas territory band led by Troy Floyd.

The second record (Okeh 8719) has a bit of a history mystery tied to it regarding who the tenor sax player may be. Scott Bagby laid claim to the performance while Herchel Evans (of Count Basie fame) did the same. A very convincing column in favor of Evans can be found here.

Anyway, since I do not have that record, it doesn't matter here as it is definitely Bagby on tenor below.

This record has been previously enjoyed to death as you will hear.

Troy Floyd cl, as, dir / Don Albert, Willie Long t / Benny Long tb / N.J. "Siki" Collins cl, as / Scott Bagby cl, ts / Allen Vann p / John H. Braggs bj / Charlie Dixon bb, tb / John Humphries d / Kellough Jefferson v.

Recorded in San Antonio on March 14, 1928.

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