Gladys Hampton's Quartet - Hamp-Tone 105 (1946)

Here we have Lionel's wife, Gladys (in name only?), fronting a quartet.

Excerpted from wikipedia…

Herbie Fields gravitated toward an R&B conception in the fifties, and was disgruntled about his lack of success.

Vibist Terry Gibbs noted: “We played opposite a nine-piece band led by Herbie Fields at Birdland. He was a good tenor player but not in the bebop style. He was more of a "honker" and played what they called rhythm and blues. He did that very well but he wasn't a Birdland-style attraction.”

Pianist Bill Evans recalled: “In some ways he had been a forerunner of rock & roll. He was wiggling, jerking. Rock n' roll came, brought millions of dollars, but nothing for Herbie Fields.”

Fields died following an overdose of sleeping pills in Miami on September 17, 1958.

Herbie Fields cl / Charlie Harris sb / William Mackel g / Dodo Marmarosa p.


  1. Hi, I forgot to thank you for this amazing post - this is the one Dodo Marmarosa record I genuinely thought I'd never hear! Fantastic work, thanks so much

  2. Thanks for the comment...glad you liked it!

  3. hi, heypally! just found your wonderful blog and found this records with one of my favourite pianists: dodo marmarosa. unfortunately the link to hear the tracks isn´t there anymore. is there a chance to re-up the link? i would love to hear this tracks! thanks in advance!
    keep boppin´