Ben Pollack & His Park Central Orchestra - Victor 22071 (1929)

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Ben Pollack (June 22, 1903 - June 7, 1971) was an American drummer and bandleader from the mid 1920s through the swing era. His eye for talent led him to either discover or employ, at one time or another, musicians such as Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Glenn Miller, Jimmy McPartland and Harry James. This ability earned him the nickname "Father of Swing."

Born in Chicago in 1903 to a well-to-do family, Pollack was largely self-taught as a drummer, and was afforded the opportunity to become the drummer for the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, a top jazz outfit, in the early 1920s. In 1924 he played for several outfits, including some on the west coast, which ultimately led to his forming a band there in 1925.

One of the earliest members of his band was Gil Rodin, a saxophonist whose sharp business acumen served him well later as an executive for the Music Corporation of America (MCA). Rodin also served as the "straw boss' for Pollack along with the young arranger-trombonist Glenn Miller. Already recognized as immensely talented on the clarinet, sixteen-year-old Benny Goodman began working with Pollack in 1925 as well.

Ben Pollack dir / Jimmy McPartland c / Ruby Weinstein t / Jack Teagarden tb / Benny Goodman cl, as / Gil Rodin as / Larry Binyon cl, ts, f / Al Beller, Ed Bergman vn / Bill Schumann vc / Vic Breidis p / Dick Morgan bj / Harry Goodman bb / Ray Bauduc d / Scrappy Lambert v.

Recorded in New York on July 25, 1929.

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