T-Bone Walker - Imperial 5284 (1953)

After years of never finding a T-Bone Walker in my searches...I have collected 6 in the last few months. Funny how findings can come in bunches. Now if I could just do the same with some Pattons and Johnsons.

Bye, Bye, Baby - T-Bone Walker v, g / John Lawton t / Lee Gross as / Walter Cox ts / T.J. Fowler p / Henry Ivory b / Clarence Stamp d.

Recorded in Detroit on October 21, 1953.

Wanderin' Heart - T-Bone Walker v, g / with Dave Bartholomew's Band / probably: Bartholomew t / Wendell Duconge as / Lee Allen ts / Herb Hardesty bar / Walter Nelson g / Frank Fields b / Cornelius Coleman d.

Recorded in New Orleans on November 6, 1953.

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