Little Richard - Regency 501 (1956)

Have been in a Little Richard frame of mind for a couple of weeks now after having recently seen him in concert. Just the other day, I acted on a tip from the local record store guy and came across a nice stack of rock & roll 78s that were all pressed in Canada. It looks like they all came from one owner and that person took great care in handling them.

From wikipedia...

The recording session took place on February 10, 1956 at J&M Studio in New Orleans, the legendary studio owned by Cosimo Matassa on the corner of Rampart and Dumaine where Fats Domino and many other New Orleans luminaries recorded. "Tutti Frutti", as well as many other Little Richard sides, was also recorded there.

The backing was provided by the house top session men: Edgar Blanchard (guitar), Frank Fields (bass), Lee Allen (tenor sax), Alvin "Red" Tyler (baritone sax) and Earl Palmer (drums), plus Little Richard on vocals and piano. Blackwell was the producer.

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