Joe Candullo & His Everglades Orchestra - Silvertone 3281 (1926)

In my search for any info on Joe Candullo, the same theme popped up...not much is known or he was basically forgotten.

What is known is during an era where many white dance bands jazzed up standards, Candullo recorded many songs that were written for black jazz to begin with.

Among the sidemen that passed through his orchestra were Red Nichols, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, Jimmy McPartland, Ray Bauduc, Fud Livingston...

Rust lists the personnel like this: Mike Mosiello, Harry Susnow t / unknown tb / Goof Moyer cl, as / Gerry Salisbury cl, ts, as / Joe Candullo vn, ldr / Frank de Carlo p / John Montesanto bj / Nick Farrara bb / Billy Southard d.


He says that the brass section for this session points towards Leo McConville, Tommy Gott t / Ray Stilwell tb  with Ray Bauduc possibly replacing Southard on d.

Recorded in New York on September 20, 1926.


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