Ted Claire Snappy Bits Band (Chas. A. Matson, Director) / Mandy Lee & Ladd's Black Aces - Gennett 5060 (1923)

Chas. A Matson (name misspelled on the label) was an in demand piano accompanist during the twenties. Here is he with an unknown band. (Also, here he is on one of his two Edison recordings.)

Recorded in New York on January 31, 1923.

Here we have an unidentified Mandy Lee (Vaughn De Leath?) along with the Original Memphis Five, aka Ladd's Black Aces.

Phil Napoleon t / Charlie Panelli tb / Jimmy Lytell cl / Frank Signorelli p / Jack Roth d.

Recorded in New York on February 15, 1923.

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