Clarence Williams & His Orchestra - Vocalion 2838 (1934)

This completes my recently acquired Clarence Williams trifecta.

A friend just brought to my attention that Lester Young's first recording was in 1936 (Jones-Smith Inc.).

It raised the question of Young's possible inclusion in the personnel as listed in Brian Rust's Jazz & Ragtime Records.

Anyone care to opine?

Unknown c / Cecil Scott cl, ts / as / ? Lester Young ts or unknown 2nd as / ? Don Frye p / Cyrus St. Clair bb / ? Floyd Casey d.

Recorded in New York on June 28, 1934.

Ed Allen c, v / Cecil Scott cl / ? Clarence Williams p / 2nd p / ? Roy Smeck g / Richard Fullbright sb / Floyd Casey d. (Clarence Williams listed as vocalist in error on label)

Recorded in New York on August 14, 1934.

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  1. well, first the only solo from the reeds is the remarkable tenor sax and clarinet of CECIL SCOTT (who plays less like Lester Young than any other saxophonist ever), the trumpet is so obviously NOT ED ALLEN, makes me wonder on this record in general, Russell Shor may know if it is CHARLIE GAINES on trumpet (he knew Mr Gaines quite well). This feels like a small Harlem band's entire personnel was lifted, and they added Cecil (could be CHARLIE SKEETS band??), so that may discount Prez, who, however was in town w Henderson at the time - brilliant 78, the flip, BIG FAT MAMA is a different combo from a different recording session, obvious rap and trumpet by ED ALLEN ...