Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra - Varsity 8223 (1940)

Checking out the personnel for these sides, I found a couple of items of interest.

First, the vocalist Fredda Gibson later changed her name to Georgia Gibbs and had several, more successful cover versions of LaVern Baker's hits.

Second, string bass man Trigger Alpert plays on these sides. From what I have found out, Alpert is still kicking it around in Florida at 95 years old. Here's an article from a few years ago. (Makes me wonder who else from the swing era, and more specifically from the Glenn Miller band, is still around. Paul Tanner, Ray Anthony, Alpert?)

Frank Trumbauer cm, as, dir / Wayne Williams, Dick Dunne, Howard Lamont t / Del Menton, Bernie Bahr tb / Johnny Ross, Joe Sches, Joe Kiefer, Connie Blessing cl, as, ts / Rene Faure p / John Kreyer g / Trigger Alpert sb / Deave Becker d / Fredda Gibson v.

Recorded in New York in March, 1940.

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