Lucille Hegamin Acc. By Harris' Blues & Jazz Seven - Arto 9045 (1920)

From Wikipedia...

[On August 10, 1920, in New York City, Mamie Smith recorded a set of songs all written by the African American songwriter, Perry Bradford, including "Crazy Blues" and "It's Right Here For You (If You Don't Get It, 'Tain't No Fault of Mine)", on Okeh Records. It was the first recording of vocal blues by an African American artist...]

Since Mamie was first, someone had to be second...and here she is with her first record. (She did record a test pressing for Victor accompanied by Fletcher Henderson a month earlier but apparently it was never released.)

Here's the story of how I came to acquire this record.

Lucille Hegamin v / Wesley Johnson t / Jim Reevy tb / Clarence Harris as / Bill Hegamin p / Ralph Escudero bb / Kaiser Marshall d.

Recorded in New York in November of 1920.

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