Benny Goodman's Boys - Brunswick B-1007 (Originally 1928-1929)

I used to pass over reissue always seemed that most of them would be incomplete or broken due to the nature of the albums and improper storage...and not to mention, they weren't 'original.' This was back in the day when I collected more to have (maybe for future investment) rather than playing and listening to the songs.

After my recent epiphany that there are music in them thar grooves, I don't pass up grabbing 78 reissues of tracks that I will perhaps never see in their original form.

I just found a Brunswick set containing all 8 sides by Benny Goodman's Boys originally recorded on Brunswick and Vocalion between January 1928 & August of 1929. And, like mentioned above, there is something marring this particular set of wax. While all records' playing surfaces are almost perfect without scratches or sleeve rubs...the first record in the series (sides 1 & 2) has one of those half moon edge issues...a tight crack that still plays smooth without clicks but looks like it could pop off at any moment.

Collective personnel on these sides led by an 18 year old Benny Goodman are Glenn Miller, Jimmy McPartland, Fud Livingston, Tommy Dorsey, Ben Pollack, Wingy Manone, Bud Freeman, Joe Sullivan & others.

Sides are posted in the order the album set has listed. They are not in chronological order.


  1. These records are good ones if you want just hear out all their magnificence, whithout filters which steal their very zest. Thanks!

  2. i love old 78's nothing like them, what did you pay for them?

  3. I agree...nothing like them. I paid a buck a record if I remember correctly.

  4. Just finished dubbing over my own copy of this set - stupendous! I think I paid all of 50cents for the whole thing years ago!