Sonny Greer With Oran Lips Page & His All Stars - Circle 3004 (1951)

It looks as if these are two sides (out of 10) that were recorded in New York on February 10, 1951 for what looks to have been an album called Jamming At Rudi's. (Rudi Blesh)

I did a quick search of my Chronological cd series on Hot Lips Page...I am painfully missing one to complete the set but that's another story...but these (nor the other recordings from that session) were listed. They were also not included on Page's Neatwork cd which includes omissions and alternate takes that Chronological may have missed or did not release...not sure why.

Hot Lips Page tp, v / Tyree Glenn tb / Bernie Peacock cl, as / Paul Quinichette ts / Ken Kersey, Dan Burley p / Walter Page sb / Danny Barker g / Sonny Greer d.



  1. Thanks, Circle was the valuable label, and every disc there is wothy. If you have any more from these label please post.

  2. Thanks Sam, I wish I could post more but I know for certain that this is the only Circle I have.

  3. These sides had been planned as a part of cc sonny greer disc. Thats why they was omitted.