Douglas Williams Four - Victor 21695 (1928) / Alabama Four - Victor 21136 (1927)

I came across this 78 after answering an ad about a Victrola full of Roy Acuff / Red Foley records. It was tucked nice and neat near the bottom in what looked to be the original sleeve. I also found an Alabama Four which made the haul that much sweeter.

The Victrola now sits in my living room, which is quickly looking more and more like a phonograph museum. (I'm not a collector of phonographs...they are just necessary to get to the wax)

By the way, the lady sold her Victrola and records so she could buy a dog. May I suggest the name Nipper?

Douglas Williams' complete recordings are available on Jazz Oracle BDW8012.

The line up for the following record is as follows:

Nathaniel Williams (c), Douglas Williams (cl), Edgar Brown (p), Sam Sims (d). Memphis, September 4, 1928

The Alabama Four: Charles Bridges - Leader, Leo 'Lot' Key - Tenor Vocal, David Ausbrooks - Baritone Vocal, Ed Sherrill - Bass Vocal.

Recorded on October 14, 1927. Released February 1928. (4,290 copies sold)

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