Joe Bussard: King of The 78's

A few years back, my dvr automatically recorded a documentary using search criteria that had been previously input. I woke up the next day to find "Deperate Man Blues" sitting at the top of the queue. Pressing play, the image of an old red OKeh started spinning on a turntable. The music began and I was glued to the tv for the next hour.

The subject of the doc could have very well been the amazing collection of some of the rarest wax discs in the world but in fact the subject was not the collection but rather the collector...Joe Bussard. His enthusiasm and absolute joy when talking about or even moreso, playing his records, shines through in this film.

This documentary introduced me to new genres of music besides the early jazz that I favored. Old-time and country blues were untapped veins for me. Since watching "Desperate Man Blues" countless times since, I have actively hunted the artists, labels and titles that were mentioned or played. They do seem to be few and far between but to paraphrase Mr. Bussard at the end of the film after finding a certain record, "They're still out there!"

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